Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Stars Come Out At Night

Well... I know I said I would cover the Grammys, but I took a look at the line-up and decided in wasn't good for my health.  That said, let's move on!

Through The Suface
On the up and coming scene is a band called Vestibule.  Hailing from New Jersey, these guys specialize in the unique fusion of various styles of music.  With influences in Latin, Punk, and other genres, this group shows a lot of potential for their future as musicians.  Their debut album,  Through The Surface, featured an early 90's indie-grungy-type of sound.  Because of their multiple influences, the sonic profile is constantly changing and leading the listener on a musical journey of their imagination...which means that's it's cool for all you hipsters out there.  Personally, I found their sound to be reminiscent of Fighting Jacks, or Lucerin Blue (for those who know those bands).

Positives include everything I've talked about already and some very cool, moving bass lines that walk up and down the fretboard like it's child's play.  Negatives include the panning of guitar tracks, and the variants in tempo from song to song.  First, the panning part.  The guitar tracks are panned hard left and hard right on the disc.  Normally this isn't a bad thing for producers to do, but in this case, it made them stick out a little too much and covered up the rest of the band on solos.  It just felt weird.  Secondly, the tempo between songs, as a whole, stayed relatively medium to medium-uptempo.  It would have been nice to have some slower spots on the sonic journey.

Regardless of my opinions, I will let you form your own.  Vestibule has made their album available to the public.  Give it a listen here, and be sure to check out more on this up and coming band on Facebook and Twitter.

In the rest of the world of music, some interesting, and rather intriguing (and I use that term loosely) things are happening.

First up...Warped Tour '13.  I am sure that many of you readers have already seen the links and heard the hype about this year's Warped Tour events and happenings.  Our friends over at AP have posted the full line-up of bands that will be performing and when.  Be sure to check the list out here.

Then there is Alkaline Trio.  These Chicago natives have been up and down many times over the last few years, some of the stuff is really good, other stuff... not so much.  The band has recently announced that they are planning a new album called "My Shame Is True".  For details on the album and it's release, plus a video for the first single "I Wanna Be A Warhol", be sure to visit our friends at Rocksound.

Lot's more to come in the near future. Keep checking back to hear about Love And Death's new album, and a bunch of other new releases!

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